Highlights of Hamburg

The Town Hall, the Alster Lake, the historic warehouse complex, the Reeperbahn in the famous red light district, Hamburg’s unique landmark St. Michael’s church and the harbor, Hamburg´s “Gate to the World” with its uncountable landing bridges.

You will be carried away by the atmosphere of beautiful squares and promenades, restaurants and cafés, which we will pass on our tour through Hamburg.


This unique culinary tour is focused on coffee which is not only the most popular drink in Germany, but also, after petroleum, the world's most important traded commodity. Hamburg is one of the leading trading and distribution points for the “brown gold” and features a variety of coffee roasters, museums and catering establishments where you can learn about the many exciting secrets of these precious beans.


This tour leads of course to the Reeperbahn – the most famous street in the most famous entertainment district in the world. A visit to the “Kiez” is almost compulsory when visiting Hamburg.

The tour is recommended for those who want to spend an evening, or even the whole night, on the famous street. Enjoy an Astra beer, taste a “Currywurst”, go dancing, or just enjoy the fresh breeze.

From Hamburg, several excursions are recommended

The high speed catamaran tour to Helgoland Island; the Hanseatic cities of Lübeck and Lüneburg; the Heide Entertainment Park and World Bird Park as well as the Serengeti Park near Soltau.