Highlights of Frankfurt

The city tour offers a closer look at the metropolis, taking in the city's main places of interest such as the museum embankment, the stock exchange, the Applewine District Old Sachsenhausen, the main train station and the Old Opera House. Included in the tour is a stroll across the Römerberg in the old town centre with St. Paul's Church and Römer City Hall. The tour presents Frankfurt as a city, where modern architecture blends in with historic sites.

Romantic tour to Heidelberg and the Rhine Valley

Known as one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, Heidelberg lies on the River Neckar and is an everlasting favorite among international tourists. The tour explores the famous castle with its impressing buildings, continues to the medieval town center with its precious Renaissance façades and small lanes with half-timbered houses as well as to Germany´s oldest university.

Leaving Heidelberg, it carries on to the Rhine River Valley – an area UNESCO has added to the World Heritage of Mankind. Here we will visit charming little vineyards, villages and impressive medieval castles. We will take a boat trip on a Rhine steamer alongside the famous river, followed by wine tasting in a little tavern.